diy deck preservative with antifreeze

Wood Rot and Dry Rot Homemade wood treatments

Wood rot and Dry Rot, killing rot organisms and wood-destroying insects in Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are clear liquids used in antifreeze and

made up a batch of boric wood treatment. in General Board - The

I've been wanting to try that old recipe containing borax, boric acid and antifreeze. First thoughts during the mixing is "I'm sure glad I did it out.

How to remove oil stein and anti freeze from driveway? HOUSTON

Jan 15, 2017 Washing · Professional Deck and Fence Cleaning · Algae and Mold Power Washings As you see in the picture it is a mixture of gas and antifreeze. For this task, you can do it yourself or hire Houston Pressure Washing HQ. This method can clean up very tough stain spots as we have done regularly.

Anti-Freeze is Not a Green Wood Stabilizer / Rockler How-to

May 2, 2006 The myth that anti freeze is a green wood stabilizer is explored with PEG (polyethylene glycol) - which is an effective treatment for green

Ethylene glycol (auto antifreeze) treated wood safey - The

Jan 2, 2015 If it is determined that such treated wood is safe, I intend to build more furniture for Antifreeze is used by some to prevent rot, not kill insects.

DIY Wood Preservative ~ Non Toxic Propylene Glycol ~ For Garden

May 30, 2012 DIY Wood Preservative. Non toxic propylene glycol. Using propylene glycol as a DIY wood preservative. You don't want to use pressure treated

Borax & Antifreeze Sciencing

Apr 25, 2017 Borax is most commonly found in the laundry room as a detergent booster to reduce odor and lift stains. Antifreeze is generally found in the

How to Remove Antifreeze Stains on Concrete Hunker

Sep 24, 2010 If your car is leaking antifreeze, you may find ugly stains on your driveway. The oily residue that antifreeze spills leaves behind can be quite a

Tips For Driveway Stain Removal Angie's List

Jan 3, 2013 Oil and antifreeze stains are the most common driveway stains, and plenty of products can RELATED: DIY: How to Seal Driveway Asphalt.

Borate to keep algae off deck. Where can I get it? This Old House

Jun 24, 2012 You need a waterproofing outdoor stain, not just any stain. Would the antifreeze still have to be boiled to get the Borax and roach powder to